Features & Amenities:

Drive-Up Access
All rental units are accessible by motorized vehicle.

Our facility has multiple security cameras with 24 x 7 recording, computerized gates which can only be accessed with access code, and complete fencing around the facility.

RV & Boat Parking
Covered outdoor parking places available for your RV and/or boat. All parking includes secure lighting and electricity.

Boxes & Supplies
Our Granbury location is a one stop shop for items that you need for packing and moving.

  • Fill boxes to capacity. Partially full or bulging boxes may collapse or tip over while stored.

  • Label your carton and goods. This will make accessing items much easier.

  • Books and documents: Pack books flat to protect spines; use small boxes to avoid cartons that are too heavy to move easily. Put heavy items on bottom.

  • Dishes and glassware: Glass items should be individually wrapped; use blank wrapping paper for best results; “net” cups and bowls, stand plates and platters, fill air pockets with wrapping paper or foam peanuts; don’t put breakable under other boxes.

  • Mirrors, windows, screens: Wrap all glass well; store on edge, not flat.

  • Lamps: Pack lamp shades separately; use blank paper to wrap lamp shades and other property that may be damaged by ink stains from regular newsprint.

  • Furniture: Stand sofas and mattresses on end; disassemble beds and tables; wrap legs in wrapping paper; keep upholstery off floor; place loose, light plastic dust covers or sheets over furniture.

  • Appliances and electronics: Clean appliances thoroughly. Refrigerators and freezers must be defrosted and dry and washing machines completely drained. Remove doors of appliance and store separately; drying agents should be used and containers checked and emptied regularly. Be sure that small gasoline engines are empty of fuel.

  • Bicycles: Wipe a few drops of oil on bicycles and tools to prevent rusting, then store these items away from furniture to avoid oil staining.

  • Clothes: Shoes can be stored in the bottom of boxes, while folded clothing can be stored in boxes or dresser drawers.

  • Put pallets or a grid of 2’x3’s on the unit floor to give better air circulation under goods; leave a walkway or aisle to the rear of the unit. Do not over pack the unit.
Storage Tips - Packing